Ernest is an application and infrastructure orchestration and automation engine. Ernest takes the complexity and people out of DevOps, simplifying the process of creating and managing even the most complex environments.

By delivering everything a development team requires to be able to deploy code and manage its lifecycle Ernest de-risks and accelerates the application development/deployment process, helping developers to deliver value back to the business faster and providing increased business agility

Ernest has been engineered for flexibility, allowing you to design your environment the way you want. You pick the technologies, the cloud and the architecture then overlay your compliance and governance requirements.

The Cloud is about freedom of choice and mobility. With Ernest you can easily deploy your environment onto the cloud or infrastructure of your choice and the redeploy it to an alternative cloud as business requirements demand.

Because Ernest is about developing and then using software reliably and reproducibly it ensures consistency and agility throughout the application lifecycle. Ernest brings the same version control, testing and configuration management tooling you use elsewhere in your development process to your platform; allowing you to utilise version controlled, tested, automated deployments of your environment from the development stage, through testing, to production.

Key features

  • A Continuous Delivery pipeline for Infrastructure as Code
  • An orchestration tool for any configuration manager and any cloud
  • Fully version controlled
  • Fully automated
  • Works with any technology stack
  • Able to manage the full application life cycle

Ernest is built around the idea that DevOps is not a job title, but a methodology, one which Ernest has enshrined in code. Ernest enables digital and SaaS transformation, while removing the complexity of DevOps by delivering it as-a-Service.

Next steps

Follow the instructions here to get Ernest and the Ernest CLI. Once we have done that we can start working with them.